was that a recent ask tho or what bc i cant find it

it was early 2013 apparently

hm although i do really believe that her views and knowledge have changed i think it’s still important that you don’t just say “oh people are just looking for stuff to complain abut” because at some point in time she decided to answer that question in that manner as well as publish it. in no way am i trying to bring up old shit, but i just think you look at the bigger picture and realize that just because it’s your fave doesn’t mean that they can’t do problematic shit.

what was it??

my last ask kinda covered it

I think it's the ask about dolphins raping ppl and camila answered it's not rape if you like it or smth like that

hm ya i really wasn’t expecting that :/


Ally being ‘bullied’ by her four children. 

Fifth Harmony on The X Factor. (+)